Get to know why we do what we do..

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So pumped you want to get to know us on a more personal level! As people, we’re pretty chilled, laid back and down to earth, and this is how we approach our work.

We’ve experienced a whole lotta love and friendship, so to us human connection is key. That is why we like to consider ourselves more like friends than your wedding photographers. Our goal is simple. We want to take you back to those crazy, wild and unforgettable moments together as if you were reliving them time and time again. We are after the real thing; to tell your story from a truthful and raw perspective, to capture your perfectly imperfect moments, the beautifully crafted in-betweens, the quirky things you do together that make you burst out in laugher and those secret moments when you think no-one else is looking. We want to create that which surpasses the visual and fully encompass the emotions, feelings and moments experienced. We want the love you feel for each other now to be remembered for years to come. [/one_half] [one_half_last padding=”30px 20px 20px 20px”] We look for these moments where love is intensely poured out. Moments of beauty, boundless joy, reckless love and limitless life found in one another. Over the years we have learnt that love is one of the deepest pursuits in life, so we understand that trusting someone with your special day is one big deal! But for us, it would be our greatest honour and privilege to be entrusted with this.

We are completely committed to not only delivering timeless, heart-stirring images that speak your truth, but taking the weight off your shoulders so you can embrace every single moment together unhindered. All things are possible… Rain, hail or shine; clear, cloudy or thundering we’ve got you covered! Lets dance in the rain, bask in the sun and run wild underneath the night sky. We want to live unrepeatable moments together.

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Are we right for you?

We like to do things a little differently… We don’t want to just create, we want to create something beautiful together. Adventure is at the core of what we do. Our style is heavily focused on creatively capturing your real, raw moments together. Of course this doesn’t mean we won’t help and guide you along so you are not awkwardly standing around wondering what on earth to do, it just means we steer clear of the posed, forced and staged style of photographing. We believe this will enable you to be fully yourselves and fully present together and allow us to truly do our best work. [/one_half] [one_half_last padding=”30px 20px 20px 20px”] We go to extreme lengths to ensure that the way that we interact with you, photograph you and edit your images are all perfectly reflective of who you are and what you were feeling in those moments. If you are the kind of couple who will invite us in and let us get up close in personal to capture your real emotion; If your the kind of couple with an adventurous spirit, that is not dampened by the heaviest of rain; If you are the legends that will not hesitate at the idea of slipping on some converse or taking those shoes right off; If you are the kind of couple that would say a bold ‘yes’ to running through fields, climbing mountains, jumping fences, searching the unsearchable; And if your the kind of couple who will simply let the creativity and intimacy take over, then we’re your people. [/one_half_last]

A massive thank you to James Day for these epic images in Iceland

Alright, let's get personal...

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Lead Photographer, Behind the Scenes Business Chick


Hey, I’m Jess. I freakin’ love tea and 90% dark chocolate (no more, no less). I love my plant babies, I love exploring the wildest places, I love binge watching TV shows, I indulge in way too many healthy snacks (disgusting according to Jarrah), I brew my own Kombucha, I love friendship and family and I flippin’ love my husband. My passion for real love is what drives me to capture love in all its fullness.

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Lead Photographer, Communications Guru


Hey, I’m Jarrah. I am a massive extravert, I love the outdoors, I love seeing the world, I love spending hours under a starry night sky, I indulge in way too many snack foods (according to Jess), I freaking love The Office, I love deep conversations and connection with people, I thrive off helping people and I love my wife Jess with everything I am. Photography for me is where my heart for people and adventure beautifully collide.